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ბოლო კომენტარი

Le jouet

Fear of losing a job makes people do anything...a charming little boy of his father -the president of the toy company in Paris buys a jurnalist of in his company as a toy who happened to be in a huge toy -shop ...the ability of telling the truth of Fransoi Perrain -the jurnalist appears to be fruitful:the little boy enjoying the company of ''his toy''agrees to issue a magazine about his father's employees...the point is - children need cooporation with their parents-being together anddoing everything together ,is it so difficult to understand? k.k.


ნაჩვენებია 4 - 4 სიიდან


ნაჩვენებია 0 - 0 პოსტიდან.

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ნაჩვენებია 10 სულ 112 მსახიობი

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ნაჩვენებია 1 - 1 ფილმიდან


ნაჩვენებია 1 სულ 20 რეიტინგი